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Studio Scale TOS Cylon Raider by Douglas Shortes

I haven’t seen one of these Studio Model Cylon Raiders done in some time…....

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Building the Studio Scale TANTIVE “Blockade Runner” – PART 3 – by Lasse Henning

Lasse Henning… a name associated with world class art! Today he shows one of his masterful videos that is PART 3 in the series of his documenting his amazing build of the Studio Scale Blockad...

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1:24 POSEIDON X-Wing “In Progress” by Marc Elkins

Being built from the very detailed, extremely rare 1:24 Poseidon Young X-Wing Kit (Seen HERE), artist Marc Elkins is turning this kit into RED 12 (Seen HERE) from Star Wars – A New Hope...

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Studio Scale RED 5 X-Wing #2 by Chris Kelley for the Michael Brandolino Collection

Chris Kelley… a professional modeler’s name that has become very known in the past 6 years! From his mastering of amazing kits… to his extremely fantastic builds, this artist does it all! Thi...

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T-47 Snow Speeder HASBRO Toy to Museum Display – Conversion by Marc Elkins

Once again professional model artist Marc Elkins shows us that the new Hasbro Toys can be made to be fantastic Museum Displays! This Snow Speeder has it all… from the movable wind breaks… to ...

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Collector Alert!! 1:24 X-Wing “Red 5” by Chris Kelley

Built from the original Captain Cardboard kit (Atomic City Models), professional artist has made this piece a near perfect replica of the RED 5 Studio Model used in Star Wars – A New Hope! This...

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46 Inch Enterprise – Shuttle Bay Chasing Lights by NemVia Productions

We have all seen the fantastic Starship builds from NemVia Production’s Mark Nehmzow, and now we get to see a new update to his “Starship Production Line” former showing...

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WAREHOUSE 13: Farnsworth Artisan Replica – SOLD OUT!!


s1farnsworth copy






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eFX X-Wing Re-Paint by Richard Long

I have a NEW appreciation for the Studio Scale X-Wing that eFX released last year...

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COMING SOON! 36 Inch Nautilus from TimeSlip Creations

The Disney Nautilus Sub is one of the best Science Fiction designs ever created in my opinion...

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