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Jupiter 2 at the William George’s Sci-Fi Air Show


William George and crew manage to do it again with this magnificent short film of their Sci-Fi Air Show… now including the Lost in Space JUPITER 2!! What an amazing job they did…...

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Lost in Space – SPACE POD by Thomas Militello

Lost in Space… the Irwin Allen space adventure featuring the lost Robinson family! Whomever doesn’t remember that probably wasn’t born until much later in the 20th century...

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SOLD!! Jupiter 2 from “Lost in Space” Super Scale (18 inch diameter) Ultra Detailed Interior with LED Lighting


NEW for 2012!!



Lost in Space

1:32 Jupiter 2

With LED & Fiber Optic Lighting!!


This is a must have for all fans of the 60’s classic Scifi tv series ” Lost in Space”

This terrific l...

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B-9 Robot ‘Revisited’ by Chris Callaghan

The B-9 Robot…everyone in my generation knows this machine from Lost in Space...

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Lost In Space ROBOT B9 by Christopher Callaghan

“DANGER WILL ROBINSON!!”  That is what I hear in my head when I see this Robot B9! Artist Chris Callaghan captures this character perfectly with flailing arms even! This is only one of many different ...

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Moebius JUPITER 2 by Lou Dalmaso

Built from the fantastic Moebius Models kit, professional modeler Lou Dalmaso (of the known  AZTEK DUMMY PRODUCTIONS) built this piece with extreme skill...

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