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Robo Cop’s ED-209 built by Jim Graham

The Enforcement Droid 209… or ED-209 from RoboCop! Designed by Craig Davies, and motion animated by famed animator Phil Tippett, this kit by Horizon was done due justice by artist Jim Graham!...

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2264: The Legend Begins – Composite Art by Kurt Kuhn (Kuhn Global)

KG_JG_TC_DEG_FX_2264-LEGEND-BEGINS_1920X1080To view the above piece in it’s large size, please click directly on it.

2264…. A year that would be full of interesting events surrounding the nearly 20 year old Starship Enterprise...

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Intergalactic WAR – Composite Art by Kurt Kuhn (Kuhn Global)

Ever since I viewed Jim Grahams build of the Leif Ericson, (SEEN HERE from the old AMT kit), I had wondered how it could be used in a composite...

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The Leif Ericson by Jim Graham

The Leif Ericson… a model that I well remember at a young age. Mine was “glow in the dark” and under the banner of UFO...

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22 Inch Starship Enterprise by Jim Graham

I have the great pleasure today of introducing another fine artist to this Gallery…. Mr. Jim Graham from Greenfield, IN...

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