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AVENGER’s Hellicarrier – WIP by Jas Hodge

Who doesn’t know the Avenger’s? One of my favorite designs in that film was this very Hellicarrier that digital artist Jas Hodge is currently building! This is beautiful!

Included a couple of photos s...

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Harryhausen TALOS (WIP) – An Artist Tribute by Jas Hodge

As a tribute to the great artist Ray Harryhausen, Jas Hodge is back with this fantastic “work in progress” of Ray Harryhausen’s TALOS! This is part of the “MAGIC” side of this Gallery and I love it! I...

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WARHAMMER 40K Set 1 “In Progress” by Jas Hodge

Once again this fantastic CG artist has come forward with our first showing of any WARHAMMER pieces! These amazing Tanks, and the Gunner is top notch… just as we have come to know of this artist’s wor...

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CG AT-AT “In Progress” by Jas Hodge

Originally shown here back in December of 2008, just one month into this Gallery’s beginnings, CG Artist Jas Hodge has contacted me with major updates to this fantastic piece (of the renders we had sh...

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