AVENGER’s Hellicarrier – WIP by Jas Hodge

Who doesn’t know the Avenger’s? One of my favorite designs in that film was this very Hellicarrier that digital artist Jas Hodge is currently building! This is beautiful!

Included a couple of photos showing something I’m working on at the moment … building an accurate High Detailed HELICARRIER from the 2012 Movie The AVENGERS … one of the photos below shows the low-res version that’s being built, … before building the Hi-Res detailed version, along with ALL the deck assets, Jets, Cargo etc that featured in the movie … Also included a Front Landing Gear pic from one of the Jets, to show the level of detail planned for the Helicarrier ….
Enjoy the photos!
Cheers !



Jas Hodge

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Digital Artist


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