Blood & Chrome MK III Viper Orthos from Doug Drexler thru Dale Long

Dale Long (owner of the famed emailed me the orthos from Doug Drexler of the Mk III Vipers seen in Blood & Chrome! I must admit…. this design is even better than the Ron Moore MK II version. It is more stout and it’s new canopy design is beautiful. It’s lines remind me more of the classic viper we all know, yet keeps with the modern era story. It’s lines are beautiful! I would love to see some of you kit producers out there make a 1:18 kit of this beast! Not to mention I would love to see Moebius get this and place it in their already successful lineup of Battlestar models. I would like to sow more from this show… but only official content please. If you Blood & Chrome artists have the Raider, the Base Star (both versions used), and even some of those killer new Battlestar designs…. let’s get them shown here! I would like to thank Dale and Doug for allowing Modeler Magic to show this. I love it!

Additionally… I applaud those involved in the making of Blood and Chrome. You did outstanding work!

Blood Chrome Viper Mark 3

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