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Randy Cooper DISPLAY BASE for the 23 Inch Bad AZZ Models Battlestar Galactica

After receiving the fantastic 23 Inch Battlestar Galactica from BAD-AZZ Models (SEEN HERE), artist Randy Cooper obviously wanted to display it as it should be displayed… like a museum piece! Thus he c...

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LARGE 1:2500 (23 Inch!) BSG-75 from Bad-Azz Models by Randy Cooper

Randy Cooper



Battlestar Galactica


Kit Producer: BAD-AZZ Models  display

Kit Scale: 1/2500 (23 Inches)

Kit Parts: 223

Description: Bad-Azz Models has answered the call with this large kit of...

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Battlestar Galactica Advanced Cylon Raider by Jason Eaton

I thought the first Cylon Raider was fantastic that was designed for the 2003 series Battlestar Galactica, but then a few seasons later they made an “Advanced” Raider…...

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