T-800 Terminator “Uncle Bob” by Chris Loveless

From Terminator 2 come this fantastic  build of Arnold’s T-800 Terminator character that Edward Furlong (John Conner) named “Uncle Bob” in the film. Beautifully built and finished by artist Chris Loveless, this detail is fantastic… especially the face! I am also impressed with the custom made weaponry and the leather texture look of the clothing. There is even a Grenade round to go into the launcher! I love it!

Here is what artist Chris Loveless has to say of this build…

This is a commission that I built and painted last year. The T-800 was painted with automotive primer, then sprayed with a special paint so that it could be rubbed to resemble leather accurately. All the wounds are wet – I painted them with gloss enamel  for the wet look inside each one. This is dry on the outside, and wet on the inside as you’d expect on a real Terminator – even Arnies’ eye is clear coated to be as realistic as possible. All the weapons are made from aluminum tubing, styrene and wood. These are all finished in enamel, acrylic stain and automotive primer. The endoskeleton arm is made from aluminum and styrene – only the fingers are styrene. The base is made from layers of styrene sheet glued, then turned on a lathe. The top details are all handmade. The dust cover is made from acrylic tubing with the top made from a separate acrylic piece that was sanded, then smoothed to a gloss surface on a pedestal buffing machine once it was glued to the tube.  The endoskeleton parts of the Arnold figure are all aluminum foil attached to the figure with Elmers’ school glue. The belt ends are made from styrene. The belt buckle is comprised of three pieces, two from 0.20″ styrene rod, and the belt end itself. These were painted separately, then glued to the jacket. The original ones were missing when the kit arrived from its’ owner. There was no gun, so I decided to make one. Then I made a few more to compliment this figure in the hope of satisfying its’ owner completely. The sideshow collectible had a lot of goodies, so I thought this one should too! The M-79 grenade launcher is made with an adjustable strap, opening chamber, lock, trigger guard, and sliding adjustable sight. It’s made with cherry for the stock and the hand-grip. The Winchester rifle hand-grip and stock are also made from cherry. Each of these were color matched to the original weapon. The generic grenade launcher is made from all aluminum for the barrel and the grenade rounds, everything else is styrene. This took the greater part of two months off and on. This was a true labor of love!  I hope you all enjoy this as much as I do bringing it to you.
Chris Loveless
To contact artist Chris Loveless direct, please click HERE.

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