Studio Scale TIE FIGHTER by Marc Elkins

Built from the former Cory Harvey Studio Scale Tie Fighter Kit, Marc Elkins has again proven his amazing worth to this gallery. Everyone in model industry knows that all TIE Fighters were colored BLUE in all three films of the original Star Wars Trilogy. It wasn’t until the second film was released, the Empire Strikes Back, that they actually began to look blue on screen. The color difference was realized through the film making process. The color was debated for many years, even as ILM  artist Lorne Petersen stated they were blue. A number of years ago artist R.L. Bleecker built a studio TIE Fighter for this Gallery. He painted it the same blue that ILM did back in the 1970’s. When it arrived here, I took blue screen photos of the piece, using the same type of lighting the studios would have used in filming Star Wars – A New Hope. Doing this proved that the color of the Blue TIE Fighter was changed by the lighting used during that time… as the TIE appeared to be the Grey color everyone thought it to be in Star Wars! That story revealed, and since the collection already is showing the R.L. Bleecker Studio TIE in it’s natural BLUE color, I wanted one that represented the color was viewed with our eyes in 1977’s Star Wars… and that is what you see here by Marc Elkins! He did a fantastic job! Especially with the wings! Marc may build one that will go alongside this one which will be a replica of the trench damaged wing version that Richard Edlund  sold a few years ago. I cannot wait to get this TIE next to the others for all to view! Beautiful work!









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