Star Wars ESB – A NETWORK Diorama by Santo Ilardi

Artist Santo Ilardi has returned with another fantastic idea! He made this outstanding workable diorama for his network!

Modeled after the DeAGSOSTINI Official Starships and Vehicles Collection, the ATST, aka “Chicken Walker,” is one of my favorite vehicles from the big guy, GL. Likely my second favorite vehicle (ATAT first) is the Tie Bomber. “Its away!” got nothing for an air strike.


Using bits and pieces and a little technical engineering, this birthday present for my future wife’s brother (the ATST USBE was for my brother in law), became a big hit with everyone that saw it, so I decided to pass it over to Modeler Magic! Thanks again.


Got myself one of those Wix sites, you want to it? Thanks everyone for the input!


Live long and … oh wait… til all are … no thats not it … oh yeah, Peace is a Lie! Long Live the Sith


A quick side note about the router, the diorama is not just a cover. Both the antenna and the network input are with the display. The antenna is wired through the wreckage of custom built atst parts and the input site inside the abandoned power generator.

Thanks so much,

Santo Ilardi





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