Scratch built “Star Trek “First Contact” Borg Cube by Jeff Pollizzotto

This piece is beautiful. Many believe the Borg Cube to not be a very challenging design, but I can tell you… it is very intricate with its massive layers of parts and piping! Today Jeff Pollizzotto shows us his excellence with this build and composite art. He even placed the Borg Sphere exiting the main cube! Beautiful!

This is what Jeff has to say…

I feel that “First Contact” is the best of the Next Generation Trek films and I always wanted to tackle building a Borg cube for myself.


The cube measures 10″ square and was constructed out of .100″ styrene. I wanted to get the prominent “layered” look that is seen on all the cubes and I also wanted to give the model “depth” so when you look inside the model you can actually see through it and that it also contains a lot of detail.


The surfaces of the six sides were first opened up (on a milling machine) and the openings would give me the “depth” I was looking for before all the surface detailing was added.


Surface details are about 80% styrene bits and pieces of which many were made first then attached to the various surfaces of the model. The other 20% of the surface detail are aluminum rivets, washers, tubes and various other metal bits. The Micro-Mark Pro-Etch system provided over 200 photo etched parts and some commercially available photo etch parts were also used. Inside the cube are 16 green LED’s which provide the internal lighting.


The “Time Sphere” started out as two Plastruct 2″ diameter domes with vacuum formed surface details added to the surfaces. The sphere was also detailed with plastic and metal bits as well as some photo etched parts. This is also lit with LED’s.


The model is painted with a mix of Tamiya metallic silver, metallic blue and dark grey. The color was taken from the only color reference I could find, the CD from the “First Contact” soundtrack!


The stand/base contains the “Borg disc” as well as the electronics for the sound and lights.



Jeff Pollizzotto

JP Modelworks


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Borg space 2






Front view w stars

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