Roden 1:48 McCudden SE5a by Douglas Craner

Another fantastic build by artist Douglas Craner…

Here is what he has to say…

Below are some more photo’s of the SE5a (Roden 1/48) model. If you click on the image and magnify, you can see the small pulley wheels, under the cellon windows on the tail plane, I opened up these areas with a mini-drill, cleaned up and patched with cigarette paper. Also I added the fuel lines coming from the tank in the upper wing section running down the struts and crossing over to the engine cowl. Replacement brass plumbing, scratch-built “Aldiss sight”, and brackets to hold Lewis. I also pinched a Cross and Ring sight, for the Vickers, from another kit.

The “bulged” RAF type cockpit was made by hacking away the existing kit cockpit, and shaping the bulges from litho plate, and blending them in with Milliput, which also formed the coaming. The shape is a complex one, almost circular, when viewed from above, but curved in profile, higher at the front. The pilot (McCudden) was stolen, from god knows where, and was given Milliput flying leathers and helmet and paper scarf. Sometimes I make up the figure using a wire frame, bent to the desired angles, and cover with Milliput, and carve with a mini-drill, diamond head bit. At other times I make the head, arms, legs and torso separately, bringing them together like a kit (depending on time and scale.)
On 1/32 figures, I like to paint up the face, then add goggles from cellophane with wire rims so you can see their eyes through the lenses, eg (Werner Voss figure in my 1/32 Roden FI 103/17).
If you like I’ll send some images of different commissions , also a personal project, to scratch-build a 1/28 Albatros, from scrap found around the house, ie Datebox for plastic, wire, cigarette papers, etc.








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