Prop KIT ALERT!! Lukes Macrobinoculars from Jerry Gordon




Lukes Macrobinoculars

Kit Producer: Jerry Gordon luke-skywalker-binoculars-thumb-330x264-68906

Kit Scale: 1/1

Kit Materials: Resin, Vacu-formed Styrene, Metal

Number of Pieces: 60+

Kit Price: $450 USD

Shipping Amount: Free U.S. Domestic, World-Wide Available

Shipping: World-Wide

Kit Availability: Limited Run started on 6/12/2013

Payment Methods Accepted: PayPal

PayPal Address:

Kit Description: Star Wars – Luke’s Macrobinoculars

This is a mixed kit of resin and vacu-formed parts. This kit is for the is highly detailed and the most accurate kit of this prop ever produced. I have taken the original camera parts, broken them down to there basic components, molded and cast their individual parts. The lens’ telescope just like the original lens’ do and are cast clear, the battery and film compartments both open up and expose plenty of space to add electronics if desired. With moderate skills in building models you can easily build this kit your self. I will be making step by step videos on how to build this kit, I will also answer any questions you have along the way to help you along. These kits take 2-3 weeks to cast and produce, there is some time involved in prepping this kit and partially assembling the lens’ to assure fit and that they function properly .

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