MPC Tydirium by Christopher Hall

I remember when this MPC kit of the Shuttle Tydirium came out. I hurriedly bought it, and threw it together so I could play with it! Not so here… with the professional artist Christopher Hall. This Tydirium build is beautiful and weathered extremely well! One of the things I have noticed of Chris Halls work is that he manages to also take fantastic photos and angles of his models that most artists never think to do. And he does that using a standard Camera on his phone! Amazing! That fact, along with his fantastic build skills make this piece a perfect display for all to view! Another addition of note is the reflective black base he placed the model on… giving that same look that was achieved in Return of the Jedi with the Emperor’s Shuttle sitting in the Death Star II landing bay! Beautiful!

To contact artist Christopher Hall direct, please click HERE.


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