Modeler’s Miniatures & Magic Welcomes NEW DEAL STUDIOS


New Deal Studios…. a Studio that is literally changing the way we view entertainment! Founded by talents Shannon Gans, Ian Hunter and Matthew Gratzner in 1995, this studio has made some of the largest film hits of all time. From one of their latest films… INCEPTION, to Iron Man, to The Dark Knight, I am Legend… even HALO3 and the most recent famed Old Spice commercials….the list continues to be amazing! Truly a Studio taking the reins to lead us into a better way of viewing entertainment!

I was contacted by New Deal Studio Director of Development Brooke Keesling two weeks ago with the thoughts of being able to share on Modeler’s Miniature’s and Magic what the artists at New Deal Studios have done.. and will do in the future! Brooke expressed to me that New Deal Studios very much appreciates that Modeler Magic shows this valuable art form as it is meant to be shown… to inspire artists and future artists alike. They have enjoyed viewing the artworks they have viewed and wish to add some of their own for further inspiration! Therefore, we will be doing interviews over the course of time beginning with Co-Founder and Creative Head Ian Hunter this coming Tuesday. We will be following Ian with an interview with New Deal’s Co-Founder and CEO Shannon Gans, and later their third Co-Founder and Creative Head… famed Matthew Gratzner!

If you would like to submit a valid question to one of the founders of New Deal Studios, please click the button below to submit your question via email. Being that their time is limited, not all questions will be answered, but I will do my best to keep to the most relevant to each artist we interview. This is a fantastic opportunity to learn something that may have been on your mind… like “How did they do that?!”…from the best in the business. So do your homework before asking the question please? Only questions that pertain to New Deal Studios or the specific artist being interviewed will be considered.

I wish to thank New Deal Studios for providing this fantastic opportunity, and for their amazing contributions to this art form that has inspired us all!



We are the marriage of artistry and technology, of aesthetic and efficiency.  We design, we build, we shoot, we post, we deliver. And we make your life easier in the process.

We’ve been creating iconic imagery for 15 years.  As a fully integrated studio, we’ve made a name for ourselves by utilizing a diverse palette of tools that range from design, previz, anything-you-can-dream-up fabrication, photography, production, compositing, 3D animation, and post.

We are the expression of your creative vision.  We are New Deal Studios.

NEW DEAL STUDIOS Mission Statement

  • To create a new production paradigm by carefully balancing creative vision with solid management practices
  • To achieve the highest standards of excellence in the management, operations and integrations of our divisions
  • To leave clients enthusiastically satisfied with each interaction, on every project
  • To develop lasting, trusting and respectful relationships with all clients and employees
  • To provide a well-organized, comfortable and creative work environment where every individual’s dignity is a priority and mutual respect is common practice
  • To contribute positively and consistently to our environment and community


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