Millennium Falcon by Foxx Wolf

I have the great pleasure of introducing artist Foxx Wolf to this Gallery! Foxx has been a long time viewer, being inspired by many of the builds he has seen on Modeler Magic, not to mention being able to utilize the amazing reference photos which many fine artists have contributed for us to show. Today we show his Falcon.. beautifully done!

It’s the Fine Molds 1:72 Millennium Falcon, and short of scratch-building I found it to be the closest available kit to the filming miniature. Who doesn’t love the Falcon?

Build time was about 4 months, on and off, evenings and weekends, and a lot of that was the paint job. It’s painted with Tamiya and Humbrol spray can acrylics for the base coats, and all the panelling, weathering and filters were added using 502 Abteilung oils, brushed. NO airbrushing was used! It took so long to paint purely as I had to sit on my damn hands whilst each layer of oil paint dried. SO FRUSTRATING!

It’s straight out of the box, no modifications or accurizing other than adding the battle damage (not that much would be needed anyway, it’s pretty much spot on).

Many Thanks and Take Care!
Foxx Wolf






Foxx Wolf

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