SOLD!! MEGA Scale AT-AT (1:24) by Marc Elkins! Now in the Richard Sung Collection

SOLD!! June 2013

Now in the Richard Sung Collection!


I cannot help except to quote one of my favorite films when looking at this massive AT-AT…

…from Stand By Me…
2013-01-11_KG_MMM_ME_MEGA-AT-AT_000A1BCLOLOL…. I love that line from that film!!

Finally! I have taken time to get these photos done! Since Michael showed the other of the two that Marc had built for us, I guess now it is time to see the Beastie that ended up in our display here! Marc did such a masterful job making this look and feel like it was an ILM filming model! He captured the essence of the piece precisely! Even with the guns longer that the studio version (as has been pointed out, but a feature I believe gives it an even stronger presence), this piece stands tall at it’s massive 36 inches (in walking mode)! It is like being next to a Great Dane! I love it! Now… as usual in my blue screen photography, I have taken extra time in making the backdrop uniform for ‘one-click’ removal for composite artists. The one thing I wasn’t planning on was the white base… so I improvised with a sheet that photographed terribly. Never-the-less I also covered it somewhat so that the white base itself could be overlaid upon any snow bound scene… preserving some of the remaining shadows which were created by the AT-AT itself. I attempted to get all angles for nostalgia of every scene… LOL. I hope I succeeded. There are a few shots that I dialed down the F-stop to nearly nothing in order to capture a special quick shot (which I didn’t manage to do), but in doing so creating a blur toward the back of the model due to the detail being left out of the depth of field with the low F-Stop number. I think there are two within this batch, but they were angles I wanted to show… and I was too lazy to get the beast setup again… LOL. I love this piece! From MSLZ22 Models to Marc Elkins amazing build… and even Michael Plante’s suggestion of making the eye red and the spot lights showing…. this piece is a jewel of the collection that I hope all of you enjoy as much as I am able to.

Speaking of Michael Plante….. he still has his MR Studio Scale AT-AT that he suggested that he may place next to his Mega Scale AT-AT and photograph so everyone may see the size difference. I have a photo of myself below that because of the angle really doesn’t show how massive it is next to me. Michael Plante’s photos showing the size difference will be welcome!

For photographing this piece I used the Canon Rebel XTi. The model was  photographed against the professional Blue Screen foam material created  and sold by <a href=””></a> .  The lighting used were three (muted) 500 watt bright white (blue) bulbs.


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Quick scale description…

…with my “Jabba” arse in the shot! LOL…



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