Kit Review! HULK Figure Reviewed by George Waldron


Hulk Figure Review

First figure offering from Ed with intent to start offering Sci Fi soon.

What you get:

3 pieces-

  • 1x base
  • 1x left hand
  • 1x figure

Starting with the base, you get a well-sized base with minor detail on it, with what appears to be a sandy area with small stones laying atop it. Indents for the figures feet for location. On one side of the base, the artist’s signature (John Allard 2011). It’s a fairly solid cast with some flash around the bottom and a few air bubbles on the bottom surface that will not affect the integrity of the finished kit.

The left hand is a single piece; a hole is inset in the wrist for location. The hand is posed in a half-closed fist. Beautifully sculpted detail; bones, stress lines, fingernails, knuckle wrinkles, tendons; they all show up clearly in the hand. There’s a little flash between the fingers that should be easy to clean up with any filing instrument or sanding tool. It is very thin and should knock right off.

The figure: Well guys, what can I say: this figure is a masterpiece in sculpting excellence. No area of this figure is without some form of eye candy, be it muscle definition, rippled skin from muscles beneath, or the Hulk’s signature shredded pants. Hulk’s face is sculpted very well with a semi-snarl, the right side of his lip curled up, the left side showing more of a grimace, brow ridges very well-defined, strands of hair sculpted in true detail. Even the canal for his ears exist on the figure. Moving down his neck and shoulders boast bulbous muscles as one would expect on the “green giant”. Around the front of his neck, every tendon is standing out and framing his throat. His chest muscles are so well-sculpted, as to make Mister Universe envious. The same can be said for every visible muscle across his upper body. His right hand is a balled fist and, given the pose of his arm and his body leaning slightly to the left, puts me in the mind of some poor soul about to get their jaw shattered by a painful uppercut. His shredded pants are sculpted in very fine detail; torn, feathered rags hanging down just past his knees, below which you’ll be pleased to find even more well-sculped muscular detail on his legs.

Very little exists by way of molding lines. It’s my guess that fifteen minutes or less, you’ll have all of them cleaned up entirely. The only flash to be found is between his left elbow and arm and his left side. The vent hole just below his left kneecap sets atop some finely sculpted detail but it’s very small and should be fairly easy to clean up and detail for any modeler. It stands to note that it’s been mentioned to Ed and he said he would check it out.









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