KIT ALERT!! Family Guy in Carbonite! from Peltz Productions




Family Guy in Carbonite!

*Kit Producer: Peltz Productions KG_MMM_JP_PETER_IN_CARBONITE_001

*Kit Scale: 7 Inches Tall

*Kit Materials: Resin

*Number of Pieces: 1

*Kit Price: $65 plus shipping

*Shipping Amount: Calculated Upon Location

*Kit Availability Date: 4 to 6 weeks from order.

*Payment Methods: PayPal

*PayPal E-Mail Address:

*Kit Description:

Everyone’s favorite family guy from the Family Guy Star Wars crossovers- Something Something Something Darkside and It’s a Trap- here’s Peter Griffon in the role that made Harrisom Ford famous- as Jabba’s favorite decoration. Piece is hollow cast to cut down on weight, and cat in a clear/amber for those who choose- to add lighting effects. Comes unpainted.

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