KIT ALERT!! 1:72 SPECTRE “Bird One” from Fantastic Plastic Models




SPECTRE “Bird One”

*Kit Producer: Fantastic Plastic Models SPECTREBirdOne-Capture-Rear

*Kit Scale: 1:72

*Kit Materials: Resin

*Number of Pieces: 25

*Kit Price: $100.00 plus Shipping

*Shipping Amount: $10.00 domestic, $25.00 international

*Shipping: Worldwide

*Kit Availability Date: NOW

*Payment Methods: PayPal, Check, MO

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*Kit Description:
The James Bond movies series has always had one eye on the U.S. Space Program. “Dr. No.,” “Diamonds are Forever,” and “Moonraker” all had themes related to the American/Russian Space Race.
In the mid-1960s, work began on the fifth 007 epic, “You Only Live Twice,” set in Japan. Adapting Ian Fleming’s original novel proved difficult. Then, in June 1966, Gemini IXA’s had to abort its planned docking with an Agena ATDA target vehicle when the astronauts discovered the Agena’s protective shroud had failed to completely jettison. Producers at EON Productions saw photos of the “angry alligator” vehicle, as it was called, and concocted a scenario in which SPECTRE, the worldwide criminal organization run by Ernst Stavro Blofeld, would attempt to ignite WWIII by employing a similar “jawed” spacecraft to kidnap American and Russian space capsules, making sure each nation would blame the other for disappearances. Only Agent 007 could save the world from imminent destruction.

To house the SPECTRE booster and spacecraft, EON built the world’s largest sound stage at Pinewood Studios to simulate a rocket base supposedly built within a hollowed-out Japanese volcano. They even built a full-sized booster and rocket that “launched” via a motorized track built into the gantry.

Scale: 1:72
Number of Pieces: 25
Pattern: Scott Lowther
Casting: Mana Studios
Decals by JBOT
This kit includes the complete booster, orbiter and an in-scale Russian space capsule. The orbiter has a segmented nose that can be built and displayed in its open position.

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