KIT ALERT!! 1:1000 Klingon Raptor from The Delta Quadrant




Klingon Raptor

*Kit Producer: The Delta Quadrant                                                                                                   Raptor finished

*Kit Scale: 1/1000

*Kit Materials: Resin and rod/wire

*Number of Pieces: 4

*Kit Price: $55

*Shipping Amount: Depends on location

*Shipping: Worldwide

*Kit Availability Date: Now through Starship Modeler and Federation Models as well as direct sales.

*Payment Methods: PayPal, MO

*PayPal E-Mail Address:

*Kit URL:

*Kit Description: The Klingon Raptor Class Scout was first seen in Episode 1:14 “Sleeping Dogs” on Star Trek: Enterprise as the IKS Somraw. She is classified in the Vulcan database as being roughly 150m in size with a crew of twelve. The hull is twice as thick as the NX-01 and consists of a molecular coherent alloy that allows atmospheric travel within a planet.

The Delta Quadrant kit in 1/1000 scale consists of four resin parts: the main hull, left wing, right wing and impulse deck. Various size diameter wire and rods are also provided for use where needed as are basic decals.

The overall length of the kit is approximately 6″.

This kit was grown and then cast from CAD files provided by JTGraphics. Grown by PCS. Armor plating designed and applied by Gizmotron Models.


Raptor finished

Raptor weather 5

Raptor ruler

Raptor 1

Raptor 4

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