Collector’s PLANTE and KUHN Visit Artist/Collector Marc Elkins!

A few weeks ago, and one week apart, Collector’s Michael Plante and myself managed to swing by artist and collector Marc Elkins home! What an experience! Michael ended up going home owning Marc’s 6 foot Star Destroyer AVENGER, as well as the Salzo made, Elkins built MEGA SCALE AT-AT! Being that Michael was there one week before myself, we ended up taking the same angled photo with Marc… and thus I placed all three of us in the photo below! I was there to view progress on the many,… MANY projects that Marc is currently doing for the Kuhn Global/Modeler Magic Gallery collection. This isn’t bragging by any means, but only meant to tell how this artist is BUSY! I was able to pick up the fully restored 1:650 41 inch Enterprise E, 5 X-Wings, a TIE Fighter, a Death Star Turret, and even the Death Star EXHAUST Port that Luke shot the Proton Torpedo in to destroy the behemoth man made moon in Star Wars! Oh yes…. let us not forget the HUGE Mega Scale AT-AT that is now out of production! This trip was both exciting and productive as Marc, Michael and myself made plans for the now and future builds Marc will be handling. There will be some fantastic pieces that will show nicely in the physical Gallery that is DEFINITELY coming up soon!

Please excuse the excitement in my voice and breath as you view the video. I simply wanted you all to enjoy the experience as I did. I do note however that is difficult to do from video alone. Therefore here are also some photos to view!

This video I threw together quickly using the music of Jerry Goldsmith. I do apologize to Marc Elkins as I spelled his name wrong in the video title…. DOH!

Kurt Kuhn

Kuhn Global, Inc.
Modeler’s Miniatures and Magic

2012-08_KUHN 080B

Above is the Photoshopped jpeg of Marc, Michael and I together… while below are the original photos…


Marc with Michael….

2012-08_KUHN 080A

… and Marc with myself!

Enjoy the remaining video and photos!

Below is my V3 RED 2…


And the 1701-E… after restoration, but before NEMESIS battle damage added…


Below is the amazing 6 Foot Avenger that is going to Michael Plante’s Collection

after we take some Blue Screen shots at my home on the way to Michael’s home.

Stay Tuned for those!



2012-08_KUHN 085

2012-08_KUHN 086

2012-08_KUHN 102

Below is Marc’s amazing replica of the Nostromo belly…with the Narcissus in place!

2012-08_KUHN 087

2012-08_KUHN 092

2012-08_KUHN 093

Marc and myself with the Steve Neill 6 foot Enterprise parts!

2012-08_KUHN 081

Bewlow is Marc with the Studio Scale Romulan Warbirds parts

2012-08_KUHN 082

and myself with the Studio Scale Romulan Warbird Head!!

2012-08_KUHN 083


2012-08_KUHN 084

And the full sized Vader walking his AT-AT named Spot!

2012-08_KUHN 101

Finally, Marc among his amazing build collection!!

2012-08_KUHN 096

2012-08_KUHN 097

Here is a photo of the now completed, and fully accurate, X-Wing squadron from ANH..

2012-08-23_KG_MMM_ME_COLLECTION 003

…and the massive Mega Scale AT-AT on it’s Display…. which was the MR Falcon Display

2012-08-23 21.08.26

Yes… that is the original MPC Snowspeeder Kit from 1980! And it IS to scale with this piece!

We have many Blue Screen photos coming of the pieces that have been brought home from this trip. I will do my best to get them done and shown for all to enjoy and use in composite art as usual.

Be Well My Friends!

Kurt Kuhn
Kuhn Global Inc.
Modeler’s Miniatures and Magic


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