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Star Trek TMP (NOT Phase II as thought) D-7 Studio Model by Magicam’s Chris Ross

D7-class studio model detailed by Jim Dow at Magicam

June 29, 2014

Update from Rob Minnes

I’ve some additional info regarding this studio model.

Actually, it isn’t a Phase II model, but already the Motion Picture model...

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Excellent Star Trek TMP Photos by Virgil Mirano

A friend of mine recently sent these to me after finding them publicly available online, the site of which he tells me states they were taken by Virgil Mirano for publicity use for Starlog and Cinefx...

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Pierre Drolet’s Star Trek STARSHIP BONEYARD – Featuring Starship Designs from Famed Artists

Pierre Drolet’s talents are well noted in both the industry and the art form...

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INTO DARKNESS: Rejected Design – Klingon Bird of Prey by Pierre Drolet

Artist Pierre Drolet is world known for his great works in the Industry with today’s great Science Fiction and Fantasy films and television shows! A few days ago, Pierre contacted me to show a design ...

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USS Voyager Studio Model from Doug Drexler, Michael Okuda and Rick Sternbach

Last month famed Star Trek artist Doug Drexler placed up on his FaceBook page these fantastic photos of the Voyager studio model...

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Special DREX FILES Presentation by Doug Drexler


Doug Drexler of the Drex Files recently found a video filmed by Gary Hutzel of the USS Reliant re-done as the Sutherland for the TNG and DS9 series...

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Unutilized/Unfinished Star Trek X Design built by Pierre Drolet

There are many designs that never get realized on the big screen… and this is one of them...

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Starship SIZE CHARTS from Starship Models


Starship Size Charts

Starship Model’s Tom Stemmler and León Consilio have come forward to share their Starship Size Charts with us all that everyone may correctly reproduce fantastic replic...

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Star Trek Voyager – Vidiian Warship Studio Model from the Nektarios Arnaoutakis Collection

Modeler Magic Family…. we have been trying to get this Collector to show his pieces for quite some time now…...

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Berton Pierce’s SENSE OF SCALE – A Documentary Film of Industry Model Making


This documentary is about the dying art of model making...

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