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Starship Size Charts

Starship Model’s Tom Stemmler and León Consilio have come forward to share their Starship Size Charts with us all that everyone may correctly reproduce fantastic replicas in their correct sizes! Thank you guys!

There are so much Star Trek sites with so much different starship length of the same vessel that I was doing a simple thing: I haven’t appreciated the lengths of the vessels with screenshots. I calculates the sizes.
That’s the premise: A deck is 2,5 m high + 0,5 m for EPS cables, power cable, … = 3m high for one deck.
Note: a Starfleet ship deck is mostly 4m high because of the Jeffrey tubes. But the other races haven’t this Jeffreys technology system.
The most vessels have windows, so you can determine the height of a deck. If you then determine that height with 3m -> the length in meters results. I used for all the schematics 300 pixel/centimeter because its 100% with the length (than 1 pixel = 1m).
Sizes that have already been published by John Eaves I have not changed. For example: the So’na warship is 2320 feet long = 707m.
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