ST:TNG Encounter at Farpoint JELLYFISH ENTITY from the Adam Schneider Collection

I am honored to show another great piece of Adam Schneider’s Collection. Assisted by famed modeler Ed Miarecki, Adam came to own this magnificent piece (from Star Trek The Next Generation’s Episode 001) the Jellyfish Entity from Encounter at Farpoint. This is beautifully made…. impressive. Thank you for allowing us to show your collection Adam! It is amazing!

On a side note. Adam is currently searching for a qualified artist that may build him a replica of the 4 foot Enterprise 1701D that he may place inside the studio model that he owns of the McKinley Station! If you have the great skills needed to scratch build that model precisely, and you are interested in doing so, please contact Adam by clicking the CONTACT ARTIST button below. Have your references ready to show him.




Adam Schneider

To contact this artist direct, please click the CONTACT ARTIST link below.



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