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1:24 Elysium GTR by Nobu Kawaguchi of Finisher’s LTD

Japan’s Nobu Kawaguchi is at it again with this fantastic build using an AOSHIMA car, turning it into the vehicle seen in the film Elysium! Outstanding! This is the second model we have seen from Elys...

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Moebius Model’s MEL’s Drive-in by Dae Choi

Here is another beautiful build by Dae Choi! Mel’s Drive-in looks amazing!

IMG_4351 (2)

IMG_4344 (2)

IMG_4352 (2)

IMG_4355 (2)

Dae Choi

To contact this artist direct, please click the CONTACT ARTIST link below.



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1:35 Elysium Pick-Up by Laurent Perini

Artist Laurent Perini is back with this fantastic build of the  Elysium truck! I never get tired of viewing this artist’s creations! Outstanding!DSC_0168






To contact Laurent Perini direct, please click...

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1:8 Jaguar XKE by Warren Zoell

The Canadian model builder returns with this amazing Jag! I had to look twice just to make sure it was a model,.. and not real! LOL.!cid_F4251B30-8EB4-43E1-88F7-8F50B33FA76E@ed_shawcable





To visit The Great Canadian Model Builder’s site direct, ple...

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Lindberg’s 1/48 scale Tram Car by Warren Zoell

Here is another beautiful piece by Warren Zoell! This abandoned Tram Car is magnificent looking with it’s snowbound look! Of course… the snow is actually baking powder! Beautiful work!





To visit T...

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Tamiya’s 1:12 Honda Formula One RA 273 Racer by Warren Zoell

Canadian Modeler Warren Zoell is at it again with this magnificent build of the Tamiya Formula One Racer of Honda’s...

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OUT OF PRODUCTION!!! The Valkyrie Racer!!!





The Valkyrie Racer


This is a potential Collaborative project between Concept Artist Jeremy Cook and Catalyst Creations...

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International Payhauler by Barry Maddin – VFX Photos by E. James Small

I love beauty shots of miniatures. Especially that of artist Jim Small. Showing the build like it should be shown, Jim took care with these photos of a build by artist Barry Maddin!

Modelmaking buddy ...

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Tamiya 1:6 1980 AMF-Harley Davdison by Warren Zoell

I have to tell you all.. when I first viewed these photos… I thought I was looking at the full sized bike! This piece is beautiful with it’s amazing paint and chrome. Not to mention…...

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How To Build Car Models 2012 Promo Trailer from VideoWorkBench


How To Build Car Models promo trailer included with all DVDs and digital downloads as an extra feature.

You can purchase the DVD or digital download at:

Copyright © ...

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