Blood & Chrome BSG 75 – Moebius Conversion by Vaughn A. MacPhail Sr.

I have the great pleasure of introducing the artist whom actually mentored famed artist Robert LePine! I am honored to show the works of Vaughn MacPhail Sr.! Currently, LePine is working on EIGHT 52 inch Ron Moore Battlestars…. and he brought Vaughn on board the project for the detail work that is very needed for these beasts. The Battlestar being built for Kuhn Global/Modeler Magic is to be different from the other’s orders, whom asked for the screen seen Battlestar GALACTICA. After viewing Razor, then viewing artist tan.j’s Battlestar PACIFICA, (that is armored like the Battlestar COLUMBIA we saw in Razor), I decided that is how I wanted our built Battlestar to look… and be named… COLUMBIA. After Blood & Chrome came out on YouTube, Vaughn had already begun to armor up a Moebius Battlstar as a test fit for what would need to be done to our COLUMBIA. Vaughn and Robert both shared with me that the extra guns on the B&C GAL looked fantastic! I agreed… and now, as you see here, Vaughn turned this beast into the B&C GAL…which funny enough is fully armored like the COLUMBIA seen in Razor. So all is well! The Moebius BSG 75 is now a B&C Galactica, but with extra guns on it’s belly as well. There is no doubt this beast was built for battle…. and Vaughn is really bringing it to life! Beautifully done! I can’t wait to see this finished… as well as what Robert and Vaughn do with our 52 inch COLUMBIA!! Enjoy these photos of Vaughn’s work!

The Moebius kit with extensive mods to look as she did in Blood and Chrome. Plating done with .020 sheet and strip styrene.



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Blood & Chrome Galactica







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To contact Vaughn MacPhail direct, please click the CONTACT ARTIST link below.



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