Blood & Chrome Fully Armored GALACTICA – WIP#2 by Vaughn MacPhail

This design of the Battlestar certainly has my attention. Master Artist Vaughn MacPhail continues his excellence in bringing this Moebius beast to life!

I finished the stbd landing pod. I plated the bottom today. While it would have been nice to have guns or something in the rectangle on the bottom, the area is directly under the area used to launch the way there would be room for the launch system AND gun supports, ammunition canisters and feeds…so I used a sheet of styrene and just scribed plating on it. I hope you like what I’ve done. I don’t think there would be any other gun positions except the ones on the outboard edge as the walls are too thin and space would be at a premium. Also, the effect of physics come into play..firing guns that far out from the centerline of the ship would induce a navigation/ station keeping crews a real headache.




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