HMCSS Gibraltar by Nigel Rostance of The Breakers Yard

This most recent project was inspired by the “flattop” ship (a background rag tag fleet vessel) from the original Battlestar Galactica, as well as the ship from Moebius’s strip “It’s a Small Universe”. I liked the contrast between the flat, smooth surface with the very intricate underside. I began with a perspex plate (traced from the Moebius strip in AutoCAD , lazer cut to 17″ x 8″) and then followed many an evening of arranging and deconstructing many shapes, the traditional Kinder eggs and the newly discovered Zaini eggs, contact lens cases, greeblies, and nurnies. I didn’t have the luxury of an endless supply of parts like the big shops do so I had to be creative. Eventually a suitable configuration was established and painting began. No special techniques but I went totally “Foss” with the upper deck. I used paint, transfers and assorted tapes on the surface. A logical reason for the flattop was necessary, so I came up with the idea of having sensor arrays which retract under the deck when not in use.

I needed a back story to the model. I thought maybe another Galactica ship, or slap a Weyland-Yutani logo on it and make it part of the Alien universe. Eventually I decided on making it part of my fake TV series “Space: 2019” (see previous post), as the guest model in the SE01-EP13 “Collision Course”. The HMCSS (Her Majesty’s Commercial Space Ship) Gibraltar, owned by the British Petroleum Corporation, is out surveying the solar system for asteroids and other possible resources for mining. The ship discovers a large rogue asteroid which will impact Earth with devasting results. The remainder of the episode is trying to stop it…. For more info feel free to visit The Breakers Yard.

Nigel Rostance


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Nigel Rostance




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