Monogram Galactica Extreme Conversion by Jason Ricketts

Thanks to Rod Lowe (photographer of this model) I have been placed in contact with it’s artist… Jason Ricketts! We look forward to showing more of his works. Shown here originally on Dec. 8, 2011….. I am bumping this to the front page so that the artist may see his work there for the first time!

This monogram kit conversion into a very nice Galactica is outstanding. Those if us that know that kit are aware of how challenged it was to the actual filming model. This artist shows that it can be made into a beautiful piece!

This model actually earned Jason a “highly commended award” at the Sydney Scale Model show that was held last month in Sydney, Australia.


“It has quite a varied history. The model did start out as a monogram kit, 20 years ago, but as builders of this kit will tell you, it’s far from perfect, so I began a process to make one from scratch.


When started this little project, I had no internet or DVD references to go by, just old Starlog magazines which had a blueprint and photos.


Using this blueprint I was able to make my own templates to construct the basic shape. This model then sat in a storage box for 7 years as I waited to find decent reference pictures to detail it, and so for remaining 13 years I just detailed it one section at a time as better reference pics became available. A lot of the details were made from scratch to match the original kit parts used on the effects model. However I did use the monogram kit for a lot of the bottom details to save time.”














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