Millennium Falcon “Landed” by Rod Lowe

Viewing the Millennium Falcon in “Landed” mode is rare… and this piece by Rod Lowe is beautiful! It shows the great idea of the lighting power being one of the actual landing gear legs! Fantastic!

Here is  my 1/72 Millennium !


This is mostly an OOB AMT/ERTL kit with the following modifications :-

  1. Added Blue Moon resin sidewalls.
  2. Scratch built cockpit and gun wells (using some graphics kindly supplied by John “Ozzy” Rohdes)
  3. Fibre optics and LEDs to light the interiors, the landing lights and the engine.
  4. Numerous “greeblies” and other details added to make it closer to the studio model.
  5. Power supply hidden in base and connected to the model via the removable front landing gear (to eliminate any external wiring from showing).


I’ve won the following awards for this model at two regional Australian model events :-


Squadron (Ships, Planes and Sci-fi vehicles) Model Show, Sydney, November 2009

1st place Sci-Fi Category


New South Wales Model Expo, May 2010

1st place Sci-Fi Category

Gold award





Rod Lowe


5_Landing Pad 1 Lit

6_Landing Pad 3 Lit

7_Landing Pad 2 Lit

8_Rear Lit

9_Underneath Lit

12_landing gear

11_Gun Turret Lit

10_Cockpit Lit



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