1:72 Fine Molds Y-Wing by Paresh Ladd

Paresh Ladd returns with another fantastic build…

This was another fun and involving build courtesy of Fine Molds incredible attention to detail. I’m really pleased with the final result and glad that after 3 years of sitting on my shelf, she is finished!

Here’s a summary of the extra detail added during phase II of the build: I first attacked the vector control veins, which was the cause of the original pause on the project. A new pair were scratch-built using plastic card and soldering wire. I up-detailed the front of the spacecraft with extra plating from styrene sheet as well as busied up the cockpit with cables and hoses made from various diameters of copper wire. The final touch was a custom droid. The finish was a multistage process utilizing the hairspray technique I picked up from Brett Green in issue 51 of Model Military International and I avoided the use of kit decals whenever I could, preferring the airbrush. The Y-Wing received a few filter washes using Humbrol enamels and 502 Abteilung oil color, and finished off with MIG Production pigments.

Thanks for looking!
Paresh Ladd

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Paresh Ladd


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