1:72 Fine Molds Darth Vader TIE X-1 by Paresh Ladd

The Scale Workshop’s artist Paresh Ladd returns with this great build of of the Fine Molds Vader TIE!


This is something we builders of ‘Fine Molds Star Wars kits’ have been waiting a long time for: Darth Vader’s Advanced Tie Fighter in 1/72 scale. I pre ordered mine and began putting it together the day it arrived. Anyone who has built any of Fine Molds Star Wars kits know that these kits are precisely engineered and carry an extraordinary level of detail for such a small scale. It goes together fairly easily. If it were not for the solar panel wings, one could have this kit built and painted in a day. On other Tie Fighter kits, the solar panels are sandwiched between two exterior frame panels, making painting a breeze. Not in this case, due to the thinness of the panels, the outer frames and solar panels had to be moulded together with each side being made up of three pieces. But with careful masking a nice result can be achieved. Glad to have this in my collection… now I just need an x-wing to go with it.

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Paresh Ladd


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