Galactic Resin’s Studio Scale Y-Wing GOLD LEADER by Mike Andreadakis

Made from the Galactic Resin Studio Scale kit (Click HERE to View Kit), newly shown artist Mike Andreadakis beautifully built this piece to be like GOLD LEADER… with the TIE Fighter on the nose! Nicely done! We look forward to showing more from Mike.


This is my Studio Scale Galactic Resin Y-Wing that I recently finished. I customized it quite a bit changing the head shape slightly and adding a lot of details to make it look like the Gold Leader (Tie Killer) Y-Wing from Episode IV as much as possible. The cockpit and engines light up. The last photo is actually this model and another Galactic Resin Y I did previously that I Photoshopped into the trench run scene we so often see.
Thanks for looking!
Mike Andreadakis

Trench Run2







Mike Andreadakis

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