SOLD!! M. Provenzano A-Wing Studio Model Replica from Modeler’s Miniatures & Magic



$2,500 U.S.

Buyer is responsible for professional packing and shipping costs and will be referred to the proper agency to do so.

This piece is beautiful and rare. Unfortunately, to make room for the larger capitol ships that are entering the Gallery soon, there must be some pieces sacrificed to other Collectors. This is the first up on a list of most excellent, rare, and even screen used pieces that will be up for sale soon from Modeler’s Miniatures and Magic.

To contact the Gallery owner (Kurt Kuhn/Kuhn Global) regarding the purchase of this piece, please click the banner link below…

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As stated above, for the professional packing and shipping of this piece, Modeler Magic will place the purchaser in touch with a trusted professional packing and shipping service that Modeler’s, Miniatures and Magic frequently uses world-wide for it’s own pieces.



Jan. 11, 2009

A few years ago I was contacted by a fantastic artist from New York… artist Michael Provenzano. He was mastering two studio scale A-Wings and offered to sell one to me for the collection. Of course I took him up on the deal he offered me and here now is the result! Assisted only with minor detailing in the cockpit, and the guns by another New York artist, Michael did a wonderful job with this piece. A near perfect replica of the Studio Model used in Star Wars – Return of the Jedi. I believe only TWO of these replicas exist in the world today from Michael Provenzano made parts making this very rare.

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