SOLD!! 44 Inch Space 1999 EAGLE Kit Masters! from Robert Burns


SPACE 1999

Season 1 – 44 Inch EAGLE Kit Masters!

*Seller: Robert Burns  Render

*Kit Scale: 1/24th (44 inches)

*Materials: Styrene and SLA

*Price: SOLD!!

*Shipping Amount: TBD

*Shipping To: North America, Europe, Australia, Africa

*Kit Availability Date: February 1, 2013

*Payment Methods: Pay Pal


This is the 1/24th scale studio scale unfinished model kit masters of the season 1 Eagle Transporter with Transporter Pod. This is made of (very expensive) 3D printed prototype material (SLA), acrylic, styrene, and includes kit greeblies. 3D parts are perfectly symetrical and look like kit parts. If one were to print all these parts, it would be almost twice the asking price. If any parts are damaged in the future, a replacement part can be made (extra charge) by simply printing a new one. That’s harder to do on a scratchbuilt part. Robert has made a set of molds to use for the 15 kits that were pre sold last year. He reserves the right to use the molds until they are exhausted (about 10 more sets) for parts.




Photos of what the Kit Parts look like when made

012410 361 (Large)

012410 365 (Large)

012410 373 (Large)

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