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John Simmons Studio Scale Red 12 PYRO made from 2nd Generation Casts of the Original Parts!

Need I say more of artist John Simmons work? Mostly likely not, but I feel this is too fantastic to not say something...

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Pre-Production SOLO AT-DT by John Simmons

Here’s my Pre Production Solo ATDT (originally made at Pinewood by Alexander Hutchings). The ref pics were very hard to come by and there’s only one out in public in the art of solo book...

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HUGE! TimeSlip Creations 1/4 ALIEN by John Simmons

This amazing and huge 1/4 ALIEN from Timeslip Creations (mastered by Bill Weiger) is truly something magnificent...

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KORBANTH 1/24 Darth Vader TIE X-1 by Paul Nyul

I finally finished this Korbanth 1/24 Vader Tie – a long time in tracking down some of the correct parts...

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John Simmons 1/24 (Studio Scale Sized) Y-Wing

This is mixed media, one of a kind 1/24 Y-wing. The armature and cockpit were from Dave G’s open source files from the RPF. The engine fronts (the Eggs) were 3D printed by Nicholas Sagan...

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SOLD!! FM Model Co. 1/32 B-Wing by John Simmons


Now in the Scott Graham Collection!

John Simmons

FX Model Miniatures


1/32 B-Wing


Plus Shipping, ONO

To contact the SELLER direct, please click the CONTACT SELLER link below.

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NICE-N Studio Scale A-Wing by John Simmons

Built from the studio scale NICE-N Model Designs kit, artist John Simmons returns with this fantastic replica of the A-Wing we all feel in love with from Return of the Jedi.

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Studio Scale DEATH STAR Turret by John Simmons

Got the cannons wrapped up on the Turret. The photos aren’t great and have made it look yellow, but I’ll get some decent daylight pics later. Lark DK with tons of misting of Mud and Grime.
John Si...

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Ian McQue Designed – SOLO – 1/12 Concept Speeder – A John Simmons Scratch Build

Had a sudden urge to scratch a bike from Solo, the concept Ian McQue did was great so in the end I went for that. I couldn’t put it down once I started. I used Archive-X paint.
John Simmons

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John Simmons – WIP – Studio Scale Death Star Turret

Just having some fun with this Studio Scale DS Turret, laid on some base color and basic weathering, I’ll tighten all this up later. Colors used for the base, Antique White and Reefer Grey 50/50...

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