Star Destroyer ASSERTOR by Steve Blanes

Steve Blanes


Star Wars

Star Destroyer




Designed by artist Ansel Hsiao, this piece was scratch built to reality by artist Steve Blanes! It is HUGE!! And highly detailed!


The ASSERTOR and BELLATOR was designed by ANSEL HSIAO. When I first seen these ships I was utterly taken away.
The ASSERTOR was hand carved from Styrene sheets. The turbo Lasers were printed using a 3dTouch Printer.
It is estimated to have 2500+ hours of work since July of 2012. The paint was layered using Tamiya Paints and a Aztec Airbrush.
I do not know how many individual pieces make up the ASSERTOR. Possible 10’s of thousands. 95% of it was carved with an exacto knife and a dremel.The Wash did not work out well and you will see some spots where it is to heavy. The Tiling fades with time into the undercoat.
I was able to do this while fighting severe Fibromyalgia, Chronic fatigue and other health challenges. However Much of the major Mistakes could have been avoided if I was more clear-headed.
I am going to lighten the ship further using Flat Clear mixed with Flat White and a touch of Grey. For now however…I am exhausted and must say I am pleased.

“White Tiger”

Steve Blanes

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