Building the Studio Scale Battlestar Galactica – WIP by Charles Adams & Richard Lindstrom

Who doesn’t know the names of Charles Adams and Richard Lindstrom?!! These two famed artists are currently working on their next build of the studio scale Battlestar with all the bells and whistles! This piece will be superior to the original in every way when it is completed.


It’s time for a long-overdue update!

We’ve had a few more week-long marathon building sessions. The most recent one was just last week. We made every effort to completely finish this beast. Of course, she did her best to fight us every step of the way. LOL

The engine section is now completed and ready for detailing. We’ve spent a great deal of time working on the landing bays. The rear end caps have turned out to be a project within a project. I think we’ve put almost as much effort into building those as we have the rest of the ship (minus the head section).

It is ironic that, on a model this large, we were forced to cram so many components into such a small space. Inside the rear of each bay is a cooling fan, a custom printed circuit board, a complete miniature interior “set” to match the one on the original studio model, and a back-lit module containing a copy of the matte painting that was used on the original studio miniature. All this is connected via a plug-and-play wire harness. In many ways, this was like what we went through last summer working on the C movie model [url=

Fortunately, both rear end caps are now built, the interiors are finished, and all the landing bay wiring is done. Before finishing our last work session, we connected both landing bays for a lighting test. After all this work, it was quite a moment when I plugged it in and turned on the power switch. They worked perfectly!

I need to shoot some video to show how cool it really looks. The pictures just don’t do it justice. It’s also neat how the fans are so quiet you can barely hear them. If you place your hand over the bay opening, you can feel a gentle breeze.

The next step is to continue wiring the rest of the ship. In terms of the structure, we also need to build the new front end caps. After that, all that will remain will be the mount covers for the landing bay side mounts. All the parts we need are here ready to go. It’s just a matter of getting it all done. . .

More soon! 🙂



Charles Adams


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