Beyond the Infinite – Model Completed & Shipped!!


The model was crated up and shipped out on 9/13. It arrived safely in
New York after more than two weeks on the road.

Considering the huge amount of time and effort that’s gone into this
project (3000+ man hours to date), we took no chances in packing this
model. A huge and very heavy crate was built to protect it. In fact,
we built a crate within a crate and padded it all with foam to absorb
shock and lined it with Styrofoam to protect against heat.

When the crate arrived, I am told there were *footprints* on top of
it so I’m glad we went to all this effort!

Once the model was safely away, I turned my attention to wrapping up
loose ends. Most important was the control box for the lighting
effects. I have kept this secret until now. In fact, not even the
producers of the movie know about it yet.

The control box is very complex and was built almost entirely from
scratch. There are nearly two dozen knobs and switches. If is fuse
protected and even has a built in fan to keep things cool. Best of
all, the entire thing lights up so all the controls can be seen on a
dark stage.

Charles Adams

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