AT-ST converted to a USB Port by Santo Ilardi of KRE8TEK

What a fantastic idea this artist has…. turning these miniatures into workable ports for electronic peripherals! This fantastic build is done by newcomer Santo Ilardi, whom is also an electronics expert! Being a tech geek myself…. I love what he has done with this. Now.. being a collector of this fine art form I also love what he has done with his build and paint up of this AT-ST! A beautiful site! I am looking forward to showing more from Santo!

Modeled after the DeAGSOSTINI Official Starships and Vehicles Collection, the ATST, aka “Chicken Walker,” is one of my favorite vehicles from the big guy, GL.


Using bits and pieces and a little technical engineering, this birthday present for my future wife’s brother, became a big hit with everyone that saw it, so I decided to pass it over to Modeler Magic! Thank you for the great site!


This is only one expansion port, however, plans include developing multi port Endor station unit.


Wiring soldered under base; cord approximate length, six feet; any questions, commissions, just ask. I’ll update my site, as much as possible.


Live long and … oh wait… til all are … no thats not it … oh yeah, Peace is a Lie! Long Live the Sith!


Thanks so much,

Santo Ilardi







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