American Satellite from 2001 ASO by Warren Zoell

Once again Warren Zoell comes through with a magnificent piece!

Here are some images of my scratch built American Nuclear Weapon
Satellite from 2001 A Space Odyssey.
The American nuclear weapon satellite is the first ship you see in the
movie even if only for two and a half seconds. It happens .during
Stanley Kubrick’s famous three million year jump cut. First you see
the man ape Moonwatcher in typical kubrickian glee throwing a bone in
the air just after dispatching a rival ape. As the bone spins in the
air with the sound of wind in the background it suddenly with a single
film splice jumps to the American nuclear weapon satellite and the
beginnings of Strauss’s Blue Danube in the background.

This model was basically built by eye using various sources from
images from the interweb to the Bizony book to repeatedly hitting the
pause button, so I couldn’t attest to its accuracy still I think it
turned out pretty well.


American Nuclear sat from 2001





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