ALMOST DONE!! 6 Foot AVENGER – Upgrade WIP from the Michael Plante Collection

HOLY DETAILS BATMAN! The Marc Elkins 6 foot Avenger is nearly completed with the lighting that has been added since collector Michael Plante acquired the piece from Marc this last winter! As you can see.. this piece is one of a kind, and beautiful in every way! Over 3,000 feet of fiber optics went into this model!! This is what a $50,000 model looks like folks! Perfect, with detail one can appreciate up close! Michael is personally reviewing the build for possible pick up immediately! I am hoping to get some photos of this piece in front of our Blue Screen, but Modeler Magic will be going to Michael’s Collection area to do so if he agrees. Cross your fingers! Congratulations to Michael, Marc and the rest of the crew that made this piece come to life! You know who you are!


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Marc Elkins

Las Vegas, NV.


Michael Plante

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San Francisco, CA. U.S.A.


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