ALERT!! KING KONG Stop Motion Puppet “IN PROGRESS” by Jim Davidson

His work shown on Modelers, Miniatures & Magic twice before with the Empire Strikes Back Stop Motion Taun Taun (seen HERE and HERE), Industry Famed Master Artist Jim Davidson is back again with this precise Replica of the stop motion puppet KING KONG as he was seen in the movie of that same name more than half a century ago! While this piece is still “IN PROGRESS” one can see the quality of this replica is amazing! And… will be offered to a very lucky few! Will you be one of them?!!


This is what Mr. Davidson has to say of this fantastic project…

I’m pretty excited about this Kong project! It’s of course studio scale to the original Marcel Delgado puppet, and I used the Sideshow/Bob Burns replica armature for all my measurements. I even molded that armature head to make resin copies to use in my puppets so as to make sure that the head and face would be as accurate as possible. I used the likeness of the Kong puppet at the end of the movie (when he’s on the Empire State Building) to model mine after. Here are some work in progress photos. I’m currently furring him up right now so the next pics to come later will show him with some fur on it. This will be a very limited run and the price for one as of now is going to be around $2750.00 U.S. .
Jim Davidson

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