9/13 UPDATE!! Beyond the Infinite – Short Film Studio Model Work by Charles Adams, Richard Lindstrom and Crew

Charles Adams, Richard Lindstrom and Crew continue to produce effective results with their amazing build for the short film… Beyond the Infinite!


It’s been a while since the last update. We’ve been working long hours trying to get everything ready for final delivery. The truck will be here this week to pick up the model and there has been a long punch list of things that still need to get done.

The turbine “basket” has been fully detailed and all lighting effects are in place and tested. It looks amazing! If you liked the way it lit up before, just wait. . .

There is so much going on inside the turbine module alone. The inside is hollow to allow for some impressive lighting effects, including an eerie red glow and also a flashing red “photon torpedo” burst. In addition to a removable “basket” inside, there is also a large circuit board in there to power the mid-ship engines and some of the spotlight effects. And, it all comes apart for servicing.

Because of all the equipment that had to fit inside, I had to come up with a clever way of structurally attaching the turbine module to the pusher plate that goes behind it. I accomplished this using brass tubes that telescope inside each other. This allows the pusher plate to be attached to the back of the turbine module for some shots while being removed for others. A *lot* of engineering had to be done to make that work. In the end, however, everything came together beautifully.

The rear engine section has also had a lot of work done to it. I built this area weeks ago, but it only recently got lights and details while we focused on finishing the rest of the ship. The three rear engines are now installed and working properly. Because the ship has seven main engines, I had to put them on separate controls to handle the load. Everything is adjustable not only for brightness, but for color as well. This required a LOT of wiring as you will see
in the photos. It’s all hidden inside removable structures on the model.

Today I buttoned up the turbine module, trimming up the rear opening. Richard worked on adding details to the top of the engine section. We had already built the ladder platforms, but he had to hand fabricate shelves inside to hold the details. These are spaced up and away from the bottom of each structure to make room for wiring. Everything comes apart for servicing and it ended up being rather complex to build. Richard did a fantastic job as always, though, and the
finished results speak for themselves.

The engine section still needs some last-minute detailing such as the side shields. I hope to incorporate some additional lights into that section if I have time. But, the truck will be here before I know it, so time is running out. . .


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