6 Foot Nautilus by Barrie Clucas

20,000 Leagues Under the Sea is one of my favorite stories. The Disney Film very much captured my young mind with their amazing Nautilus design.. the infamous vessel that was sinking any other vessel crossing it’s path under the command of the bitter, and vengeance bent Captain Nemo. Though to be a monstrous seas creature by those who may have survived the sinking of their vessels, it was no wonder that Disney created such a design that looked as if it had glowing eyes!

I have again the great honor of introducing another fine artist to this Gallery… Barrie Clucas! He scratch built this beautiful 6 foot Disney Nautilus and sold it recently for £300! This piece is highly detailed, covered in rivets and weathered exactly as the seas would have it be if the beast was real! A beautiful piece… and a real bargain at it’s selling point! Somebody got a great deal! I am looking forward to showing more of Barrie’s work!








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