6 Foot AVENGER – Upgrade WIP from the Michael Plante Collection

We all recognize this amazing 6 foot Star Destroyer AVENGER being the one that famed artist Marc Elkins scratch built a few years ago. That Avenger ended up in the Michael Plante collection this past year and is now being upgraded to have the appropriate lighting that was originally planned. This beastie upgrade reminds me of the old ILM photos with all the fiber optics hanging from the studio model! And check out the tiny TIE Fighter! Michael… I am JEALOUS!!! LOL. This piece is going to stand out among some amazing replicas. Stay tuned to view this piece completed. I may even visit Michael to take some photos and videos to show all of you on Modeler Magic. Marc did a great job on this.. as well as the Bay Area artists upgrading it! BEAUTIFUL!!

Build 001A

Build 003

Build 002

Build 004

Build 005

Build 006

Build 007

Build 008

Build 009

Build 0010

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Marc Elkins

Las Vegas, NV.


Michael Plante

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San Francisco, CA. U.S.A.


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