1:350 Enterprise 1701 by Kevin Stooksbury

I have the fantastic pleasure of introducing another great talent to this gallery….. artist Kevin Stooksbury! His first showing is the ever anticipated Polar Lights 1:350 TOS Enterprise! What makes Kevin’s build stand out among the rest is that he actually air-brushed nearly ALL of the hull markings on this build! The rest were dry transfers that were mostly used in the film industry back in the day. FANTASTIC!!

Here is my built up Round 2 1:350 Enterprise. A lot of people are building these but my build is a little different. First, there are no decals on this model. The hull pennants, lettering, ship name, even the red pin striping are all airbrushed on. The tiny hull section numbers are custom made dry transfers. The top and bottom bridge domes were cast in clear resin to diffuse the light, and I made a custom lighting circuit for the engine nacelles which uses yellow and red LEDs blinking behind cast clear resin “pinwheel”. As you can see from the pictures, it is very close to the effect from the TV show. The motors turning the inner “fan blades” were made with RC car motors. I decided to light the impulse engines, so I cast a clear resin plug that gives a nice reddish orange glow. I used Tamiya paints to finish the kit. The weathering was based on restored shots of the studio model in natural light. The model was photographed by my wife.

Kevin Stooksbury

top saucer


saucer weathering

impulse engines

hull detail

1701 full shot

Kevin Stooksbury

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