1:350 2nd PILOT Enterprise 1701 by Kevin Stooksbury

Artist Kevin Stooksbury showed us his talents last month with his magnificent build of the TOS Enterprise 1701. Today, he shows us even more of his talents with his build of the 2nd Pilot version of this beautiful ship we all love! The larger dish, spiked bussard collectors, grid nacelle caps, and taller bridge module really set this piece apart from the TOS version! This version always intrigues me. Nicely done!

Here is a submission which is the follow on to my production version USS Enterprise you were kind enough to put on your site. This is the pilot version, which I feel is interesting in its own right but for some reason is not often chosen to be built by modelers. This is the Round 2 1/350 kit with the following features:
-The grid lines on the saucer were filled and sanded smooth
-Weathering was kept to a minimum and the saucer neck was painted a subtle light blue/gray
-The shuttlecraft doors were cast as a smooth resin plug and the recessed section of hull was lined with .05 sheet plastic to give a seamless appearance around the doors
-All production version windows which did not belong were filled to be accurate with the pilot version
-All pinstriping, hull insignias, and markings were custom masked and airbrushed onto the model, the hull numbers were done as custom dry transfers
-The bridge and observation domes on the saucer were cast in opaque clear resin to give an appearance closer to that of the studio model




Kevin Stooksbury

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