1:144 XCV-330 Enterprise scratch built by Warren Zoell

The history of the Starship Enterprise Design is extremely fascinating in my opinion… and so is the creation of this amazing model by Warren Zoell. This piece is beautiful. It seemed that Warren created this piece quite fast, but in fact it took him approximately 150 hours to complete this piece is starship history. Fantastic!

Here are some images of my 1/144 scale (?) scratch build of my interpretation of the XCV-330 Enterprise from the Star Trek universe Based off of the Matt Jefferies Painting.
I know, I know. Why would I have the United Federation of Planets logo all over the ship when the UFP did not come into existence yet when this ship was in service?  Well I say it was hauled out of the museum and put back into service after the formation of the UFP due to e required need for more transport vessels.







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